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Off/On Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter 3.6KW-6.2KW

The AN-SCI02 Pro is an all in one solar inverter and it is the perfect go-to solution for off-grid, backup power for homes, small business, that can change the direct current in the solar battery to alternating current. This grid tie hybrid inverter series weighs less so that it makes installation flexible, and it can configure quickly into a compact, wallmounted system. The AN-SCI02 Pro hybrid grid tie solar inverter can be the best solution for a variety of different solar systems.

Off/On Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter 7.2KW-10.2KW

An-ex-pro series is a new high-frequency on grid off grid hybrid inverter designed by Anern, which is upgraded from the traditional hybrid inverter. Double PV input design, not only makes the solar panel wiring more convenient but also reduces the use of the bus box. The on grid off grid solar inverter with dual AC output mode is the best choice to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the required load.

CATL Lifepo4 Lithium Battery

The AN-LPB-T series is a wall-mounted
LifePO4 lithium battery. The battery pack
uses international brand electronic materials
and high-performance processor, which is
very cost-effective. Built-in high-quality
large-capacity CATL battery cells ensure that
the battery system provides a high cycle life
span.The LPB-T series is the best batteries
for home/project/commercial use.

All-in-one Lifepo4 Battery Solar Street Light(SLZ)

AN-SLZ is an all-in-one integrated solar street light that integrates high-power solar panels, large-capacity batteries, high brightness Bridgelux LED chips, PIR human sensing modules and so on. Three lighting modes can be switched remotely. This all-in-one solar light series can save you expensive installation, commissioning and subsequent
maintenance costs. It is suitable for engineering projects, rural and urban roads, highways, parks, and other fields.

YINGLI Mono PV Solar Panel

The Monocrystalline Solar Panel is a multifunctional existence, which consists of a solid surface and toughened glass that protects against harsh weather conditions
and have a long lifespan. The Solar Panel
assembled with its unique structure and
PERC technology provides the advantages of
3% more conversion Efficiency, improves
mechanical load carrying capacity and
reduces the influence of shadows.

CATL Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Solar Garden Light(ISGL02-D)

AN-ISGL02-D series multi-functional
integrated solar street light, Built-in
intelligent microwave induction system. It
can realise the day time and night time. 360
degree lighting design can help to light
without blind zone. Unique designed remote
control with 6 functions. Energy saving, high
brightness, long life. Rain-proof, rust-proof
structure, maintenance free for permanent

Aluminum Solar Flood Light(SFL02)

AN-SFL02 series solar flood light is mainly used in courtyard, construction site and outdoor billboard. High capacity Lithium battery, all-in-one controller.Unique designed remote control with 6 functions. Thick aluminum body to make sure the lamp temperature below 60℃, anti-corrosion, with
up to 50000 hours lifespan. Anti-corrosion. Easy to install, no connected cable outside, do not need to equipped with specific lighting pole, easy to change & maintain.

All-in-one Lithium Battery Solar Storage System 500w - 5000w

The integrated solar lithium battery energy storage system adopts lithium batteries as a built-in battery type. Lithium batteries have the characteristics of small size, light weight, high capacity density, and service life of 5-8 years. When applied to an integrated solar energy storage system, the volume and weight of the system can be greatly reduced, thereby reducing freight costs. The most popular battery type currently on the market

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