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We supply Southern African wholesalers, resellers and solar project developers with premium solar equipment at competitive rates.

With a meticulous approach, we selectively source and curate the finest solar products from around the world, providing our clients with unrivalled access to cutting-edge solar technology.


  • 4G Camera

  • 2000 Battery Cycles

  • 8 Years Lifespan

  • Built in Battery Management System

  • Three Lighting Modes, induction/12hours constant light/time control

  • 10 days Backup Power for Rainy or Cloudy Days

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Solar Garden & Street Floodlight with 4G Camera

This solar-powered led street light uses a huge LED module, which increases the quantity of lamp beads for each LED module.

Compared to conventional solar street lights, this enlarged solar-powered outdoor street lights can effectively increase the brightness by 10-20%.

The all in one led solar street light is easy to install and easily maintained. The brackets adopt an integral die-casting method with higher structural strength, which can resist the strongest winds and ensure the safe use of the solar-powered led solar street lights.

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